Andrew Watson (ITU Junior)

Andrew Watson (ITU Junior)

My Name is Andrew Watson I am a college student at Don College in Devonport Tasmania. I completed my first club triathlon at the age of 12 and have had an addiction to the sport ever since. As I became older my enthusiasm to improve became greater and greater, the 2014/15 season has been my most successful yet finishing 16th at the OTU junior Triathlon Oceania championships and 7th in the Australian Youth triathlon championships.


However this coming season 2015/16 I decided that I wanted more and wanted to do better than my previous results. I knew to achieve this I would need to improve my running a lot and which meant going injury free to begin with. To accomplish this I would need a professional structure to my training especially through the winter when I am less motivated as the race season seems so far away.

I have known and raced against Dylan since I began triathlon, since then he has given me guidance and helped me on training camps. So when I knew he had begun coaching online I thought he would be my best option not only because he knew my background but also for his wealth of knowledge and experience.


Since I have been coached by Dylan I have already made significant improvement in the 3 months I have been coached by Dylan, with a 27 second PB over a 5km run and a 1 second PB over a 1km swim


My goal for this coming season is to finish top 10 in  the OTU junior Triathlon Oceania championships and with my current rate of improvement I am confident that this will be achieved.