World Cup Debut

16/07/2013 17:38


World Cup Debut


The weekend after I had a double weekend of racing I found myself in what Triathletes call the ‘Box’. I was tired and sore and I had to race the following weekend in an LBS-CUP but I had to train through the race in order to prepare for my first world cup in Palamos, Spain the weekend after. I went into the LBS-CUP third in the series and I was hoping to hold my own. At the start of the race I was so tired and sore that I didn’t even feel like I could race, luckily it was just sprint distance but the ride was very tough over hills. To my amazement I was able to come out of the water fifth, be in the breakaway of five on the bike and then finish in second out of eighty. To be honest it was a great result and a huge shock for me to push through.


After finishing off with a good result in the LBS-CUP my attention was directed to my first World Cup. On Thursday I was on a cheap flight to Spain and a two hour bus trip and I was in the beautiful sea side town of Palamos with fellow Australian Triathlete Ryan Fisher. The temperature was a huge change from what I had been training in in Germany with the average temperature around 35degrees. Before the race I was able to entice my tastes in some of the local cuisine including paella. I was able to eat some very luxurious seafood for a cheap price, the benefits of being in Europe!

The race was Olympic distance, the swim was two laps in the ocean where we ran around the beach for the second lap, the ride was seven laps through tight streets and some hills in Palamos, and the run was three laps. I was ranked 44th for the race, as we were introduced to the start line I was bursting with excitement, the crowds were ecstatic and so loud I couldn’t hear anything anyone was saying. The music was pumping and I was about to race my first ever World Cup. The race was filled with a large number of the best swimmers in Triathlon in the world so I knew that it would be fast, the whole swim I felt great and felt like I was swimming my best but I still managed to drop off the main bunch and come out with ten other guys.












I knew that I was in trouble and I was in for a tough race. I just put me head down and went hard with my bunch on the bike and tried to decrease the amount of time they would put into us. The heat was extreme but I still managed to run okay and not blow to pieces and I finished 56th/75. It wasn’t the best result but it was a great experience and an eye opener to the level of a World Cup. The race also proved to me how vital the swim is otherwise it’s a long way to the finish line.

After crossing the finish line I was glad to cool down in the beautiful Ocean. The afternoon was then spent on the beach with fellow Australian Ryan, Tamsyn, Grace and one very funny Kiwi Martin Van Barneveld. Then later on Ryan, Martin and I went for a jog around some trails that followed the coast line where we found some great swimming spots. This was a great way to clear my mind of the race and remind myself what I am doing and where I am in the world.












This morning I had to leave Palamos by bus to the airport, I then went to the train station where I was helped by two very kind Argentinians to buy my train tickets to Toulouse. So I am now sitting on the train about to arrive in Toulouse where I will spend a few days with a family friend until I take my next flight to Tallin, Estonia for an ITU European Cup. I hope to finish off my long run of races with a great result.   



Dylan Evans