The trip to Sigmaringen, Germany

17/04/2013 19:02

After an early wake up call to catch my flight from Chengdu I had an entire day to wait around in Hong Kong ariport. The long and exhausting travel didn't stop there. I still had a flight to Dubai and Frankfurt. Once I was in Frankfurt I was quick to get on the train where I travelled south and finally arrived in Sigmaringen where I was greeted by my German team ALZ Sigmaringen and I was taken back to the Boarding School where I will spend the majority of my time whilst in Europe.


The long Journey was extremely tiring and so I am having a few days off to recover and catch up on sleep that is well needed. I am staying in a very scenic and wonderful place in the world, the people are nice and thankfully most speak English, the weather is suprisingly good, and the food cheap (always a bonus for an athlete who consumes exsumptious amounts of food). Sorry for the lack/no photos but I will have many photos in the up and coming updates and blogs. My first race in the LBS-LIGA is on the first of May where I will be hoping to impress and have a good performance.


I hope to have improved on my German in the mean time so that it makes my stay more enjoyable. I know that my first blogs are boring and lack some content but I just wanted to get things up and running so that everyone knows what I am up to. Check out the website and let me know if you have any comments and thus I will be able to make it the super website/blog for the enjoyment of your reading.



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Dylan Evans