The adventure begins and the website is ready!

17/04/2013 17:54

Hi and welcome to my first Blog. There is not much to talk about yet apart from the fact that I am in EUROPE! Seriously though I haven't had the chance to take any photos yet due to my body wanting to shut down from Jet lag so here is a few updates to get things rolling.


So if you may not know, on wednesday the 10th of April I left Launceston nice and early to begin a 5month journey racing in Europe. My first stop however was in Chengdu, China where I was racing in the Chendgu ITU Triathlon Premium Asian Cup. Unfortunately the flight across to Chengdu was delayed meaning that I arrived in at the hotel at 3.30 am in the morning very tired and all ready over long plane trips, fortunately however my bike arrived in one piece.


It was time to get ready to race! Eating a wide range of "exotic asian food", being attacked by Chinese for photos and training in extremely Polluted air are just some of the usual obstacles you must over come racing at any asian Triathlon. Luckily there was a large number of international athletes racing including two of my good mates Sascha and Shane, fellow Australians, which made the experience all the more enjoyable especially with the dramatic love life of Shanes.


Race day came aound quick, the morning of the race I woke up feeling like death, this may be due to the numerous chinese phone calls in the night and the long travel to the race. However it was time to race! Unfortunately as I dived in my goggles came straight off, this made for a tough swim due to losing good position. My swim was heavily effected by this and I ended up coming out of the water in the second pack around 50secs down. Onto the bike and it was myself and Sascha pushing the pace with a number of counterparts deciding that they would just sit behind in one large domino effect. Thus the lack of team work meant we didn't catch the front pack and my legs were all but gone. I entered the run with not much in the tank and battled away to finish in the mid 20s out of a field of 60. This race didn't go to plan but I learnt many things, NUMBER 1...... learning to dive and not losing my goggles.


It's time to move past my dreaded race in Chengdu and continue on to the European Summer which starts at 3am tomorrow morning.



Tassie Triathlete

Dylan Evans