Seasons End

03/09/2013 10:53
Seasons End

I have been racing around the world for the past twelve months through Asia, Oceania, and all through Europe but now its time for me to end my 2013 journey and begin what will be a much-enjoyed break. I am currently flying back to where I call home for now, a small island closed off from the rest of the world, Tasmania. When I have to take four flights over two days it illustrates the beauty of how far away Tasmania is from the rest of the world. For now I have seen my first glimpse of the big Oyster and I am hooked. For years I have heard my step mum Lucy tell me “The world is your Oyster Dylan”, I had always understood what she had meant by this paraphrase but it wasn’t until one week ago I believed that I could reach for the stars and create my own future no matter what the obstacles.  


At the beginning of the year when I decided to defer my University and chase the life of a professional Triathlete I thought that I had made the big decision that would help set me out along my Journey but little did I know that the decisions I would have to make twelve months later (now) would be even larger in prosperity. I am going to enjoy my break for now but in the next few months the time will come where I will have to make some stepping stones towards a full time coach, a new home and my University studies.


For now I can give you a quick update of my past week and my last adventure in Europe for 2013. I had one last race for the season for my Bundesliga team that was also the German National Championships that was held in Hannover on Saturday the 31st. The team van left Sigmaringen on Friday morning to make the eight-hour road trip with one of the youngest teams ever to race in the Bundesliga. The team has been troubled with injuries all season and it continued for the last race with two of our best athletes pulling out with sickness and injury. Adding to the depleted team I myself hadn’t been able to run all week because of groin tightness but I was hoping to be able to make it through the race. Throughout the week my motivation was at an all time low, my body was sore and ready for break.


It was a one hundred strong field that had to start the race by swimming to the first bouy only 300m away and then making a U-Turn. As you can imagine this was hectic and from my shoes an extremely unpleasant experience. My swim was appalling and I really struggled in the cold conditions. I also had nothing on the bike and I was positioned in the third bunch. Coming into the run I was nervous about the outcome considering I hadn’t been able to run all week and my groins had been sore on the bike. Thankfully I was able to run and I finished in 32nd place. Not the best way to finish the season off but it was great to be racing with so many of my friends.


As you would all know the lifestyle of a Triathlete is tough, as most of us say, “You don’t do it for the money, you do it for the love”. For this reason I am forever in doubt to the people who support me along my way and believe in the same dreams as I do. Of course I am referring to my beloved family, supporting friends and the commitment from my coach Craig Redman. Furthermore I have some of the best support crew from my following sponsors 2XU, Look Cycles, Active Physiotherapy Launceston and The Jail House grill.


In order for your dreams to become reality you must believe.