November update

18/11/2014 12:24
November Update!


The past 4weeks for me have been a roller coaster ride, that I wouldn’t have missed for the world. In a nut shell,  I have raced in Adelaide and Hobart at the Oceania Elite and State Duathlon Championships, raced my first Half marathon and finished my degree at University (If I have passed my exams…). For next year my options are endless but the real challenge will be making a decision. In the next month or two I hope to have an answer to share with you all so please sit tight in your seats and await the news.

In the middle of October I made my way across to Adelaide to race in the ITU Elite Oceania Duathlon Championships, which was a 5km run/ 20km ride/ 2.5km run. Of course it had to be extremely hot!! After racing at the Australian University games I was pretty confident I was going to conquer the heat this time. On the day I was feeling great, I was energetic and ready to go. My hadn’t set any expectations for myself in the race I just wanted to get out there and see how I went. They had decided to race the Elite Men, U23 men and Juniors all together which made the first run extremely fast. Myself along with four other guys had broken away from the rest of the field coming into the first transition in a blistering time of 15.10. Onto the bike course and we immediately dropped one of the other competitors leaving the four us out the front. We knew that we had the rest of the field hot on our heals so for the first two laps we worked extremely hard to stay away. By the end of the second of four laps we had put a huge chunk of time into the rest of the field. As we were climbing the hill on the third lap I was caught out by some good tactics, which saw me, drop off the back of the bunch. Al though extremely furious I pushed on to try and minimize the time lost. Onto the last run I was stuck in the middle of the three guys in front and the chase pack behind. I finished with 4th place overall, 3rd Elite, and 2nd Under23 giving myself a major possibility of being selected for the World Championships in 2015. What a weekend and experience, it was great to come away with the result and it was also great to have a look around Adelaide, a potential home for me next year whilst completing my Masters. Many thanks must go to Andrew Jones Travel and Jail House Grill who supported my trip across to Adelaide.

With no time to spare I was back home to prepare and complete my final exams for university. To break my time up I thought I would pop down to Hobart to compete in the state Duathlon Championships. With a record crowd for a Tasmanian Duathlon of 130 competitors I knew it wouldn’t be an easy race. It was the same distance as what I raced in Adelaide however this time the run was held on the beach. As I knew I was the quickest runner in the field and had little preparation on the bike I took the first run out hard gaining a good distance between myself and the rest of the field. I managed to hold my lead on the grueling windy course situated right next to the airport. Onto the final run and I managed to come away with the win and become the state champion. Luckily I had my trusty 2XU head band!

About a month ago I made the decision that I would compete in my first half marathon (21km). To your surprise I managed to pick out the most grueling and hardest half marathon in the world that climbs to the top of Mt Wellingotn in Hobart. With a sell out field of 1300 competitors I went into the race with a free mind and no expectations. I managed to get some decent hill training in before the race but I knew I loved the terrain of running up hills. As the gun went for the start I took off at a comfortable but quick pace as I wanted to get my leg speed going before I hit the really steep parts of the race. I had immediately got rid of all but one competitor due to the higher intensity who later dropped off at the three-kilometer mark. Most people thought I went out too hard and I would blow up but I didn’t. I managed to keep powering on and upwards towards the top. The crowds were ecstatic and it was one of the best experiences in terms of the atmosphere I have ever raced in front of.  I took away the win, claimed one of the fastest times in the records and a whole lot of pride!

Well that’s my last month, I know it has been busy but with the right 2XU compression my recovery has been quick. I hope you enjoyed my little write up.


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