First race in Germany!

02/05/2013 22:32


I have been in Germany for ten days now and yesterday I competed in my first Triathlon in this beautiful Country. It was a low key race compared to the other races I'll compete whilst I'm in Europe but never the less it was still a big race. We had a two hour drive in the van to reach the race start, which was great too see some of the scenery across Germany.


Once we arrived we went out on the bike course to have a look and warm up. Unfortunately I got a flat and also blew a massive hole in my tyre. So I was stuck half way around the bike couse with an hour and a half before my race. After having a new wheel brought to me and frantically running around trying to get ready I had no more than 20mins before my race and I needed to warm up!

The race was the first of the LBS-LIGA Triathlon and the distance was 500m/20km/5.4km. This first race is different to the typical races I would compete in. The swim is in a 50m pool and each lap you tumble turn under the lane rope. We started 20secs apart and thus the race was non-drafting. This style of racing was an advatage for the Germans that were racing as they could ride on their Time Trial bikes.


Getting ready to start I was freezing my but off! The water was extremely cold so it made it hard in the swim. The ride was 3 laps of a hilly course which I really enjoyed, I also enjoyed the run which was on Gravel and pavement through the Park. The entire race you have no idea how you are going so you just have to push hard and hope for a good time. Luckily I finished 3rd/75 getting on the Podium and we won the Team category with fellow Team mate/ Olympian Presmil Svarc coming 5th. I was up against some tough competition with Daniel Unger the 2007 World Champion winning the race.


Overall it was a great race and experience for myself. I met the remainding members of our team and saw more of the German Country side. Fingers crossed a few more good performances come my way and that this is only the beggining. My next race will be in the bundesliga in 11 days time.


Until next time, train hard, train smart and have fun!