Bundesliga Team Race

14/05/2013 04:17

Bundesliga race, Teams race!


On Saturday 11th our ALZ van left with 5 boys and 3 girls for the first Bundesliga race (German National League). This was a race where the fourth fastest male athlete in the team was your finishing time. We had a long haul across the countryside of Germany, 6hrs to be exact, until we reached the race site. The race wasn’t until Sunday afternoon so the majority of the 16 men’s teams stayed in a posh hotel for the night. However I don’t think that the nice hotel made up for all the rain and 8 degree weather we were preparing to race in.


The ALZ team was competing with a group of young kids, the race itself was a full on teams race where you were only as fast as your weakest link. The race started off with a 5x200m relay in a 50m pool where all 16 teams started across the 8 lanes. I was first into the water and I found it really difficult because of how cold it was. It wasn’t long until our last athlete finished in the water and we were off racing too our bikes.


The bike leg was 26km long, it had a 2km strip at both transitions where drafting was allowed between all athletes from different teams but the remainder of the ride was 3laps on the highway where you were SUPPOSED to only draft between your own team members. Onto the bike there was three groups out front and then a group of 6 teams together which included us. It was frantic and aggressive riding especially coming off the highway into the last 2km of a small twisting road. We managed to come off the bike in equal 4th.


The run was 5x1.06km around the streets; the atmosphere was great with air horns, chants and people flooding the streets. With it being a team’s race we had to push our 4th fastest runner and get him to the finish line in the quickest way possible. This involved many tactics but we finished 9th/16.


It was a great race to be apart of and was something different that every Triathlete should try to do one day. I must include that this trip could not have been made anymore eventful without Andrew Lloyd, Kristof Anheuer, Valentin Wernz and Anneke Jenkins. I may have just found my long lost brother from Germany (Valentin and I below).



Until my race next weekend in Slovakia, Bratislava for the CZE and Slovakia National Championships race happy J