Bratislava Triathlon 2013

23/05/2013 06:01

                 Five days, Four Triathletes, Three countries, Two races


The car trip started on Friday the 17th of May. Myself, two kiwis, a German, one rental car, and 8hrs of traveling and we had traveled from Germany through Austria and into Bratislava, Slovakia. The scenery was indescribable and it was a massive reality check that I am racing in Europe and living the dream.
The travel wasn't for a holiday I was there to race. The race itself was the 2013 Slovakian national championships and it was being held in Bratislava with two semi-finals of ninety on the Saturday and a final with seventy-five on the Sunday. Prior to the race I discovered that Slovakia is extremely cheap however it comes with a price. The average person didn't look like the trust worthiest person that you could come by.
The semi-final was fast on the swim but then it was just a matter of conserving energy and making the final, which I did finishing equal first with seven other athletes.

It was time for the big race, I didn't find myself too nervous because I knew that this is why I train hard everyday, and it’s my reward to race. The swim was fast from the word go and I found myself coming out of the water in a great position at the front of the field. The ride was very inconsistent with many break away attempts including myself on very rough roads including cobble stones, pot holes and rail ways. After Andrew and Lachlan my fellow NZL athletes brought the second pack to the front of the race Andrew succeeded with a solo break away.


After a crash in the bunch near transition we were onto the run and the race was in its final leg. With one of two laps down I found myself and CZE Olympians Jan Celustka and Premsyl Svarc out in front. It was a game of cat and mouse with Jan getting the best of the three of us with a second attack breaking Premsyl and myself with 1km to go. I would have loved to be in the middle of the podium. At least I know I am now mixing it with the BIG guys.


Race done and dusted we hit the town of Bratislava and explored the beautiful and historic city.

Fortunately Daniels dad lived in Austria not far from Vienna and we were able to the stay two nights, eat traditional Austrian food, train in another country and explore the city. Monday afternoon we hit the city Center and had an absolute ball, including nearly being arrested by the police for taking a photo in the middle of the road, eating traditional sachertorte (cake) and witnessing a service in the most beautiful church I have ever seen. Even though I'm not religious the place is still moving.


Another podium under my belt and very well traveled for a period of five days it was time for the boys and I too hit the road back home with an open water swim stop half way.

I have a three week gap until I race next and it's an opportunity for me to put my head down and bum up until I race in Cremona, Italy for my first ITU race in Europe.
As always I appreciate all the support from all my sponsors, family and friends.
Stay healthy and live your life to the fullest!