Australian University Games

03/10/2014 18:24


It has been a very quite winter for me down in little Tasmania. I have been plugging away at my University studies whilst trying to maintain a high level of training, focusing on running. I have continued to support the local running club that hold handicapped races every weekend. It is a great environment for me to attend and is a great opportunity to watch some of my up and coming juniors that I have been helping out. On September 20th we finished off the season with Launceston Running Club with the feature race, I was the fastest male athlete for the race.


With my University semester coming to an end I was super excited to be representing the University of Tasmania at the Australian University Games. This would be my first running event on the track in nearly 4years and I just couldn’t wait to get out there to have a run. I traveled to Sydney with my good mate Josh Harris also from the University of Tasmania. The event was spread out over five days, with my races, the 10km, Steeple and 5km to be run on the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday respectively. On arrival in Sydney we instantly realized it was bloody HOT! As a Tasmanian this didn’t sit to well with me..

On the Monday as I prepared for the 10km I was super nervous and the heat was really getting to me. I changed my goals for the race, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the times in these conditions. Early on in the race I managed to get a break with one other guy and then he gradually pulled away from me and I finished in 2nd place holding off the other runners. It was a very hard race mentally because of the weather. On the Tuesday I was backing it up in the Steeple Chase 3km and similar conditions. This was only the second time I had ever run in this event. I knew that I had the speed so I decided to try and lead from the front. Myself with three others were fighting it out until the 2km mark. I was struggling jumping over the steeples but then I would catch back up on the straight. With 1km to go I decided to put the pace down as I had begun to get the hang of jumping over the steeples and I was able to run away with the win.

The Australian University Games are also a good opportunity to meet knew people and socialize so I made the most of my day off and go to meet some great people. I also tried to recover from my first two races but I had pulled up a lot tighter than what I thought. Into the last race (the 5km) and the weather had cooled down, thank goodness. I was still sore but went into the race with a free mind as I had all ready smashed my expectations coming into the games. I knew who my competition was for the race and I knew that had a lot of speed. So I did what any other Triathlete would do, I took the lead from the start and tried to run some speed out of their legs from the start. I managed to drop all the runners in the field bar two and with 300m to go I lost the lead as they both came around me. I managed to finish just 7seconds behind them in 3rd place. All good things had to come to an end though, I had 15minutes to get changed and get on the train so I didn’t miss my flight back home. Just one of the tweaks of being a University student (however I was very fortunate that I could miss 4days of University).

Now its time for me to finish off my University and get ready to compete at the Oceania Duathlon Championships in Adelaide where I am hoping to snag another good performance.